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Gray Skies Turned To Sonshine, written and illustrated by artist Tiannah Malika, is an empowering poetry collection that explores the depths of love, pain, loss, and healing. This book brings a powerful and positive message while displaying the raw emotions of a grieving mother, dealing with profound loss. Gray Skies Turned To Sonshine highlights pregnancy, infant loss, and stillbirths. This 6x9 book contains beautiful, full-color illustrations that supplement heartfelt words.




Joy + Pain Can Coexist was a book release and art show event in London, England, on March 11, 2023. The event aimed to spread infant/pregnancy loss and stillbirth awareness. Its purpose was to spread light and be a source of healing to those who have experienced trauma related to pregnancy and infant loss. Joy + Pain Can Coexist displayed digital and acrylic art and the official book Gray Skies Turned To Sonshine. 

Photos by Falaniko Photos (London).


Poetry + Art


Tiannah Malika, also known as Spike Tee, is a multi-dimensional creative, residing in Georgia, U.S.A. She was born to West Indian parents in Brooklyn, N.Y., and grew up predominantly in Queensand Long Island, New York. Tiannah’s Caribbean background, life experiences, the city, and music, have had a significant influence on her art style.
She has a knack for storytelling, using poetry, art, photography, and cinematography. She has spent the last 10+ years, working behind the scenes on films, music videos, and other creative collaborations.
Tiannah is a strong advocate for women. Having lost her first son during childbirth, she's devoted her platform to helping those who have suffered the same unfortunate circumstance. ​Tiannah has an M.F.A. in Documentary Film Studies & Production from Hofstra University and a B.A. in Broadcast Journalism from HBCU,Hampton University.

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